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Over time we have accumulated vast experience in our field, thus we know what is the most suitable industrial refractory services to use at the most appropriate time. In short, we know when to keep the heat in and with what. This ability is brought into our other skills where we incorporate it in our services. Qualities like this sets us apart from other insulation companies, complementing our various postings as agents of select products, which provides us access to the full set of products at greater value for cost.

Refractory Materials

Refractory materials are exposed to extreme temperatures over long periods of time and need to be resistant to corrosion. Industrial refractory materials applications include:-

Products Brand Name
 Monolithic Refractories
  • Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd
  • Plibrico
 Firebricks & Mortar
 Insulating Firebricks


 Pre-cast Shape & Blocks


 Refractory Anchors
SUS304, SUS310, Inconel, Etc

Insulation Materials

Our high performance insulation products are utilized in pipes, filters, heaters and as fillers. We supply various brand of these products such as Isowool and Kaowool. Ideal for energy management applications they are well known for their:-
Products Brand Name

 Mineral Wool Fiber

  • ASC Stonewool
  • Rockwool Malaysia
 Calcium Silicate
  • ASC Calcium Silicate
 Ceramic Fibre products
  • ISOWOOL (Isolite)
  • KAOWOOL (Morgan Thermal Ceramics)
 Fiberglass Cloth, Tape & Rope
 Perlite Products

Temperlite Insulation

 Polyurethane Products

Accessories and Miscellaneous Products

Products includes :-

For specific requests concerning individual products, please contact us directly.

Temperature Measuring Devices

Precision and accuracy are keywords in industries requiring products with the same standard of quality. Our Temperature Measuring Devices can safely detect and measure extreme variations in temperature and are thus integral in providing a standard of quality for all products produced. As a major agent we are always open to requests, therefore if there are specific products required please contact us directly.

Products Brand Name
 Buller Rings, Gauges, & Pyrometric Cones

Mantec Technical Ceramics Ltd.

Refracon Refractory Installation Services

Although all our products are self-installable, these self-installed insulation materials jobs often become inefficient or even damaged in the process, hence we are also introducing refractory services to our customer.We can help make these projects more cost and energy efficient, due to our vast experience in the field. Our team of installers are hand picked, talented and highly-trained professionals.

The scope of projects we have completed range from small to multi-million dollar projects. All projects must be constructed safely, on schedule, within budget and produce an acceptable return on our customer’s investment. This ensures success for all involved, minimizing cost and maximizing returns. For more details or information on a successful refractory and insulation job, please contact us directly.

Some of the services that we offer include:-